There is no one else like you. Period.

No one sees the world as you do. No one else has tasted victory and success like you. And no one else has felt your fears and failures.

You are a perfectly imperfect mix of your experiences and your being.

But you are so much more than your body, more than your stories and your thoughts, more than your bank balance or your fears.

You are not your feelings, your goals or your dreams. And you definitely are not other people’s expectations.

You are you. Alive, right now, breathing, creating, growing and giving this thing called life everything that you have.

No one else has lived the life that you are living right now.

So are you truly living? Or just coping?

Because you are incredible. What you are capable of is beyond words. What you are worth is immeasurable.

Who you are – can only be defined by one person.

And if you can’t see this for yourself, then perhaps it is time to remember who You are.

Perhaps it is time to come home.