If you really want to know…

The Real Me

“Who am I?”

It’s one of the most important questions I have ever asked myself. And a question you may be asking yourself right now.

I can describe who I am to you, provide a list of my professional and personal experiences (they are below if you are really interested). But can you really know the fullness of someone by reading about them on a website, in a book, or listening to their words through a podcast or song?

It may get you a little closer. But to know the fullness of who I am, is to know the fullness of who you are. Weird right?

Truly knowing someone only comes from our presence together. Letting go of ‘self’ and realising that “Who I am” is only part of the story. Until I get to “be” with you, in your presence, to “see” you, to deeply listen, to connect with you. To experience the incredible gift that you are to this world. Then I will know “who I am” in our presence together.

You’re not really here to gather data or information about me. You might be a bit curious, you might have stumbled onto this page by accident – but I doubt it. You may think you need to show “due diligence” on researching me as an investment for yourself, for your team, your company, your loved ones. Probably driven by a belief that you need to be sensible or secure. Appear to be smart or competent. A belief that more information helps you make a better decision. Sometimes information helps. But the truth is no significant growth ever came from information alone. True growth comes from taking action. From pushing into the unknown, beyond your map of the world, beyond the comfort of your current understanding – and taking steps into the unknown. 

But most importantly – trusting that as you step outside your map of this world, you already have everything you need to handle whatever comes your way. 

You are here – for you. You have a question, a spark, a fear, a story, a yearning, a call to adventure, a “sense”. Whatever brought you to “here and now” is inside you. So by all means, gather your information. It’s an important step before insight. Just know that the next thing you do will be to take action. A move toward or away, in or out. Whatever you choose. You have that power, you already have that “knowing” of what to do. The very fact that you are alive and reading this right now means you have been given everything you need to get through life to this point.

So what are you waiting for? What could possibly cause you to think that the very source of your livelihood that has given you every breath, heart beat, thought and action to get this far in life, is not the same source that will guide you in future?

Who I am is quite simple. I’m a human being like you – searching, growing, failing, loving, learning, breathing, struggling, breaking through, connecting… and wherever possible, simply Being. 

Truth is I’m just grateful to be alive as I write this. Humbled by the gift of life. Constantly amazed at the power of grace. In awe of how I was created. Inspired by other travellers that I’m blessed to work with. And convinced, that You are just as incredible, capable and as ready as anyone else in this world to take on what life has to offer.

If having more certainty and information makes you feel more comfortable – then here’s some information.

But who are we kidding? This information doesn’t “make” you feel more comfortable, it doesn’t do anything really. You are the one experiencing your life, moment to moment, through the filter of your thoughts. Feeling “comfortable” doesn’t come from anything, anyone, or any situation outside yourself.

And you are free to think whatever you want. That freedom comes from you and belongs to you. 

If you don’t feel it right now. I can help. 

But damn! You’ve read this far. So here it is – the “about me” that you don’t really need to know.

I’m a human. My name is Lynden. And I’m here, now, to to ignite a sense of purpose and self worth in others. 

Using my gifts of creativity, big picture thinking, vulnerability and empathy. 

To not merely cope, but to thrive.

To feel electrically alive.

To help people find their true north and connect with each other in the rawest, most life giving way possible

I was an ENTJ at age 12. An INFP at age 15. I was dominant Yellow (Big Picture / Creative) and Red (Musical / Social / Emotional) in my first year of high performance corporate life at age 22. And when I left my employer after 15 years of service at age 37 I was still dominant Yellow (Big Picture / Creative) and now dominant Blue (Analytical, Strategic, Rational, Logical, Numerical, Quantitative.)

I’ve been Influential, Dominant and Steady. Compliant sometimes.

I been full blue on the LSI. And regressed into Green and Red behaviour depending on who you ask (interesting stuff isn’t it – how you can appear to be a completely different person from one person’s experience to the next). If you think it’s hard to know the “truth”, that’s because every person on this planet is only having their perceptual “experience” of the truth. This will take a load off your mind when you realise no “one” has got reality more correct than another “one”. 

I’ve got 26 character strengths – due only to the limitations of the English language.

I’m an Enneagram type 7. Loving every moment of connecting with the other 8 numbers that I was born with inside me. And I’m grateful for feeling pain again – even though that first Remedial massage triggered 20 years of toxin build up and kicked my arse for 6 days. It was worth it.

I’ve been a school captain, dux of my year, had straight A’s and been on high potential leadership acceleration programs. I’ve broken records and broken through barriers. I’ve led number one brands, managing Type A teams, to get results with market leading customers. I’m double degree qualified and have been training to be Coach and Helper my whole life. 

I’ve written long term strategies and business plans, managed hundred million dollar portfolios. Delivered growth and suffered loss. Created new things and then killed them.

I’ve failed and broken my bones. I’ve hurt people and asked for forgiveness. I’ve learnt the hard way and the easy way. I’ve crashed cars, been hospitalised, lost people I loved deeply. I’ve burnt out, been in darkness, and had my fire burst back into life.  I’ve found God, I’ve rejected religion, I’ve questioned systems and hierarchies. I’ve come to subsequently understand and appreciate them all. 

I’ve spent the first half of my life trying to become “somebody”, only to realise freedom is found in being “no body”. 

And in this season of my life. Since letting go of all the burdens, expectations, limiting beliefs and anxieties. I have been more connected to others, more connected to myself and more connected to life than ever before. 

As the saying goes “You don’t have to believe to belong”. And when this insight lands, it lands hard. That fear for what we don’t know. For what is not “like” us or “familiar”. Fear of the things and people we can’t control. Fear of what might happen in future. Fears of never living up to expectations. Fears of what we might lose. All this “noise”. When you let it go and realise “you don’t have to believe to belong” – well that is Love. 

And I have felt love for humans that are nothing “like” me. Because that is what Love does. It sheds the ego. It grounds us. It reminds us that we are human – and that “that”, is abundant.

And now – well I’m just open to being as much of a human as I can and helping others along the way. That is enough for me and more than enough for me to value and connect with you. 

I’m a husband who is still in awe at how beautiful, incredible and kind my wife is. I have found my soul mate. Her presence in my life is proof of what some say cannot be proven. 

I’m a father who will never stop loving my 3 kids for simply being “who” they are. 

I’m a son to a mother who has sacrificed everything but her own life, to make mine better.

I’m a man known as Lynden. A spiritual being simply having a human experience. Loving the fullness of what it means to be truly alive. And grateful for every…single…breath. 

Now – can you really get to know someone by reading about them?

If you want to know more about me – you might get a bit closer by reading these articles, visiting LinkedIn, scrolling through Facebook, contacting people who have worked with me. 

But it’s all just information.

Make a decision. Give me a call. Take action.

Or if the fence is a comfortable place to sit, enjoy this 5 minute scene from Good Will Hunting (link)