The Enneagram

A powerful tool for self-awareness and growth

Integrative Enneagram Wheel IEQ9 Small

The Enneagram provides insight into who we are and why we think, feel and behave the way we do. It is not designed to label, limit or ‘box’ people in. Quite the opposite – The Enneagram is a system that at its core, encourages movement, openness, connection and discovery.

Through usage of the Enneagram, we are invited to take responsibility for our own journey of self-discovery and empowered action.

Personally, I have witnessed incredible changes in the lives of others who come to live a more compassionate and liberated life as they embark upon this work. Many become far more aligned to their true self and creative purpose as they deepen their understanding and application of the Enneagram.

Simply put – The Enneagram shows you the box you are in, and then shows you how to get out of it.

What is the Enneagram?

In its simplest form, the Enneagram is a shape. Derived from the Greek words Ennea (nine) and Gram (points or shape).

To get started, the Enneagram shines a light on 9 different stories or archetypes that describe our core gifts, motivations, fears, and ways of seeing the world with remarkable accuracy. For each of us, one of these 9 “types” will feel like home.

Type 1 Strict Perfectionist
Type 2 Considerate Helper
Type 3 Competitive Achiever
Type 4 Intense Creative
Type 5 Quiet Specialist
Type 6 Loyal Sceptic
Type 7 Enthusiastic Visionary
Type 8 Active Controller
Type 9 Adaptive Peacemaker

Using the Enneagram as a map for discovery and understanding, we are invited to transform the way we live, act, feel and think. In doing so, we find both the safety of our home and the courage to venture beyond.

To explore, to connect and experience the fullness of both Human and Being.

We shall not cease from exploration,
and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.
T.S Eliot

Beyond Behaviour

The Enneagram goes beyond behaviour to our deeper motivations. When we understand why we behave the way we do, we are empowered to take more positive action in this world and to be aware of the times when our autopilot system may actually be derailing us.

hand holding edges of illuminated circular lens

The Numbers (Types)

Each number is a window into the way that we think, feel and act in this world – both toward ourselves and others. It helps us see the story that we created as little people to survive and thrive in the first half of life, which often holds us back in the second half of life.

The enneagram is both liberating and humiliating. It shows us our greatest gifts and equally those parts of ourselves that we wish we could hide. For this reason, the Enneagram is an invitation to see yourself and others “fully”. And in doing so, to both love and be loved for who we are at our core. 

Get to know the 9 core types

Choose an Enneagram type to explore

How is it used?

While we start with 9 core types, the Enneagram is designed for movement and unlocking the fullest expression of who we are.

Instead of ‘boxing’ in or categorising people, appropriate use of the Enneagram helps us to see each individual as a more unique, distinct, layered and remarkable expression of life in human form. We start with 9 core types, but we end with a sense of awe for what every single being brings to this world. Yep – that includes YOU!

Designed for Growth, Understanding and Freedom

Most self awareness or personality profiling tools are designed to box you in.

On the surface the descriptions and numbers may appear to be limiting – but the Enneagram is one of the most in-depth, insightful and movement-driven tools available.

It has literally been thousands of years in the making.

Crazy stuff, right? Where has this been hiding for so long?

What’s in it for Me and We?

Individual Benefits
  • Creates meta-awareness at the level of motivation
  • Increases consciousness and confidence
  • Enables clearing of core emotional issues
  • Provides a framework for understanding functional and dysfunctional behaviours that stem from core motivations
  • Increases compassion for self and others
  • Uncovers pathways to development and integration
  • Positions these individual patterns and behaviours within current and historical context.
  • Increases productivity and motivation
  • Creates a language and sense-making framework that stretches deeper than a personality trait based approach
Team Benefits
  • Reduces judgement and criticism of others while building understanding and tolerance
  • Provides a framework for making sense of team conflict and challenges
  • Enables the team to move beyond a pattern of blaming conflict on “personality differences”
  • Repolarises teams while dismantling more traditional “fault lines” in the team
  • Improves working relationships and team productivity
  • Enhances business procedures
  • Improves communication while also developing a new language framework for team dynamics
Organisational Benefits
  • Decreases behind-the-scenes organisational politics
  • Improves change management and decreases fear of change
  • Can unleash organisational creativity through greater individual integration
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Creates a framework which enables greater project leadership
  • Builds organisational integrity
  • Enables more impactful corporate communication
  • Contributes to development of talent
  • Plays a role in enabling culture change

Ok – So what’s the next step?

If you want to go it alone, there are plenty of books, resources and recordings on the Enneagram. Search away till your heart’s content.

If you want to experience this incredible journey now, it starts with identifying your Enneagram Type (number).

Personally, It would be my privilege to walk with you on your Enneagram journey. There is something powerful about a shared experience of personal growth with another person. Heck, it’s what I live for now and why I got accredited in the Enneagram. Here’s how to reach me if you want to discuss what might be possible for yourself and to see if we are a good fit for each other.

IEQ9: The most accurate and comprehensive Enneagram test

Identifying and understanding your Enneagram type is a major step toward empowerment. Usage of the Enneagram is a lifelong journey that, in my experience, provides unparalleled depth and quality of insight.

For this reason, I use the IEQ9 online profiling tool from Integrative Enneagram Solutions with the incredible humans that I am lucky to work with.

It is the most accurate and comprehensive online Enneagram test available (95% accurate in identifying your core type).

There are many free online alternatives and a large community of people ready to offer their opinions on your Enneagram type, however the quality, accuracy and respect for the Enneagram system that is embodied by the IEQ9 report makes it an unrivalled choice for those who are committed to a path of awareness, freedom and connection.

I am personally accredited as a certified enneagram practitioner to guide you through this life changing journey of understanding.

Are you ready for a deeper understanding of who you truly are and what you are capable of achieving?