hourglass on an angle partially suspending time

It’s About Time

“Concentrate on yourself. Whatever you are, is all you can give away. That’s very simple. You open your wallet, you have a dollar; that’s all you can give away. You open your mind and it’s full of anger, hate and distrust, sadness: that’s all you can give away. But if your mind’s full of love,

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shark swimming through a dense school of fish that all look the same

Not Normal

Do you really want to be normal? Many systems, cultures and beliefs point to other types of intelligence. For those raised in Western cultures, there is a relentless focus on academic achievement from the day you are born, or the day you give birth. You conjure up the hope that your child will be ‘normal’

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rear view mirror of car with traffic jam behind frustrated drivers

Nothing Happened

When mistakes turn into learnings, we often get the choice to cry, get angry and frustrated or to just laugh at the amazing way life teaches us lessons. Then we grow. On this occasion – I had a good belly laugh. Practice what you preach right? I’d just finished a coaching session with a beautiful

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two people connecting deeply in the moment with their noses touching

THIS is true

“This is true” my wife said. On Sunday 27th June I was returning from a walk with my wife, accompanied by our three children on their bikes. It was a 6.85km walk in total. But in the final 0.05km, after nearly an hour of mixed conversation and beautiful shared silence, I made a remark…and my

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several music albums choosing top 10 all time including beatles

Top 10

Someone is discovering the Beatles for the first time, right now, and is losing their mind at how incredible the music is. How amazing it makes them feel. How genius the songwriting and lyrics are. Right now. Even though their first album was made nearly 60 years ago, that first time experience is happening right

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comparison of brain activity when listening to music vs at rest showing significant activity and connection

0.3% FEAR

Why are we so afraid to dance in front of each other?  Particularly colleagues. At least not without half a dozen drinks.  The idea is that stimulus triggers thought, thought triggers emotion and then we behave.  But that precious gap exists as the beat builds and the music swells, where you are simply feeling it.

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