About Me

About me – The “professional” version that you will probably want to show to your boss

I’m Lynden Rochford. Coach, Mentor and Consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in industry leading corporate roles and business units.

After a series of life changing events I moved on from my final role in marketing as a Senior Brand Manager of Weet-Bix in Australia to start my own professional and personal development business – connecting with my purpose and shifting all my focus and energy toward the betterment of Humans like you.

I am driven to ignite the fire in others that leaves them with no question over their purpose in life. My goal is to help people see their unique gifts and their immeasurable worth to this world, empowered with an invincible confidence and self understanding that they can take into any situation – no matter what the future holds. I am here to show others how to break free from fear – by taking action and living the best life they can. 

Through hard work, determination, a wonderfully weird mix of natural talents and seizing opportunities as they arose – I have worn many hats including: 

  • Business roles at the leading edge of Marketing, Insights, Strategy, Innovation and New Business Development. I have managed hundred million dollar portfolios and safeguarded the commercial success of businesses – trusted by community and business leaders for nearly two decades.
  • I have delivered results in exam rooms, on the sporting fields, in voting booths, in community circles and in businesses. A straight A’s student, double degree qualified, dux of my year, AGSM Emerging Leader, School Captain, Band leader, trusted advisor and high potential employee accelerated through multiple roles ahead of “my time”. I am a mentor that has been mentored, a coach who has been coached, a leader that has been led and am here now as a human being to help others remember who they are, what they want and how to run at it with fearless belief.
  • Simply put – I know what it takes to succeed in every facet of life.
  • But I also know the loneliness of leadership, the struggle of trying to be a “somebody” to meet the expectations of “everybody”, the effects of burnout, the sleepless nights of being a father and the permanent scars of losing someone you love more than life itself.

And here I am now, with the fullness of both success and failure, the highest highs and lowest lows of being a corporate high flyer, a founder, a father, a husband, a shining star and an endless bucket of potential. 

With all this behind me, I am simply Lynden. A fellow human with his hand extended, to help you in any way you might need.

Grateful for the gift of life. Humbled that you have read this far. Fuelled by a fire within to help people find the answers to life’s biggest questions – Who am I? Why am I here? And what’s holding me back from living the life I really, really want? 

It’s time. Let’s do this. 

lf you simply must know more about me – the unfiltered version. Well….read on or better yet, give me a call.

My Purpose

I am here to ignite a sense of purpose and self worth in others. 
Using my gifts of creativity, big picture thinking, vulnerability and empathy. 
To not merely cope, but to thrive.
To feel electrically alive.
To help people find their true north and connect with each other in the rawest, most life giving ways possible

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